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This repository contains Traefik deployments of various applications.

Getting Started

Export the base URL for your website whenever interacting with these files, for example:

export BASE_URL=""


Ensure you have docker-compose installed.

Create a username and password for the Traefik admin account:

htpasswd -nb admin secure_password > traefik/traefik/data/usersfile

Edit your email address into traefik/traefik/data/traefik.yml

cd traefik/traefik/
docker-compose up

You should now be able to access Traefik from your base url.


cd traefik/apps/gitea
docker-compose up -d

With gitea, it is set up to listen for SSH connections on port 2221 as so not to interfere with the host machine. You may want to update your own config SSH file (~/.ssh/config ) to be able to git clone over SSH, for example, try adding:

Host *
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
  Port 2221


For Jitsi, we need to create a few folders and generate some random passwords before starting. When updating the images, it is recommended you delete the created folder.

cd traefik/apps/jitsi

Next, you can bring up the service:

docker-compose up -d


cd traefik/apps/kanboard
docker-compose up -d

The Lounge

cd traefik/apps/thelounge
docker-compose up -d

You have to first add users from the command line using:

docker exec --user node -it thelounge thelounge add [username]


cd traefik/apps/privatebin/
mkdir data && chmod 777 data # Needed for write access
docker-compose up -d